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Music Monday

Sometimes you gotta get creative to survive Monday

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Watch the Sky This Sunday

You may have heard that this Sunday evening, the world will witness a total lunar eclipse coupled with a super moon.  The super moon means it will look extra large and bright to us watching on Earth!  Some are calling this a "Blood Moon" because Earth will cast a red shadow on the moon.  This is very rare and exciting as the last time this happened was in 1982 and the next one isn't due until 2033.  So look up on Sunday night, we sure will be! Nature is a beautiful thing.



The NYLON Shop

NYLON is one of our favorite magazines and we are so happy that the camel GIMLET top is now available in their shop!

Shop it here!



Red Lips Red ANTONIA

Dylana Suarez looks effortless in the red floral ANTONIA romper.  Red lipstick is the only accessory you need with this one.  

Read her full blog post here and shop it here.


Music Monday

After a successful trip to NY we are back in the office and ready for whatever this week brings.

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Wishing you all a lovely week!




Katy wears the QUARTZ jumpsuit, BOWIE moto jacket, ALASKA sweater, ISABEL maxi dress, and LOLITA pencil dress (coming soon!)


This week, we had the pleasure of spending a couple hours at the office with Katy O'Kane.   We had so much fun playing dress up and taking photos that I think she tried on almost every style on our racks.  She has such a unique style of her own and fiercely rocked every piece!  

Katy has been modeling since the young age of 13 when she was scouted at the mall in Sherman Oaks, California.  Now represented by Freedom Models, this high school grad has chosen to pursue modeling as her full-time career, a path very different from most of her friends.  Even though Katy has been seen on the Louis Vuitton runway and through the pages of Italian Vogue, she stays true to her quirky self.  We can't wait to see where life takes this beautiful bombshell! 

We were lucky to have the chance to chat with Katy about everything from her spirit animal to her favorite song of the moment & much more:

What moment in your career are you most proud of?
I'm proud of everything that I've accomplished in my career but my proudest moment would have to be walking for Louis Vuitton. 

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?
Whenever I think I know what my schedule is or what the upcoming plans are, everything changes overnight. But, yes I do have plans to travel and work in Asia at the moment.

Where do you see modeling taking you in 5 years?
Wow! I wish I knew that answer myself. Whatever happens in five years, whether it is modeling or acting, I know I'll love either. Acting is something I would love to study more because it's an entirely different field of entertainment that I want to explore.

What is the hardest part about your job?
The hardest part of modeling, for me at least, is adjusting to each place I travel to and bringing my routines from home to those cities. Like when I go to New York, my agency (Freedom Models) is really cool about making sure there is a gym in my hotel because I work out once or twice a day to keep in shape. Working out and having balanced meals has become a huge tool for succeeding. 

What is your fave secret spot in L.A?
My boyfriend and I love Priscilla's Gourmet Coffee and Tea in Toluca Lake. Their chai latte with almond milk is amazzzingggg. Also, my step-brother and sister love taking me to Runyon Canyon to box. It's the best workout and ain't nothing wrong with feeling like a badass! 

What is your spirit animal?
A baby dinosaur. 

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
optimistic, patient, driven, passionate, weird

Where do you go for inspiration?
I find inspiration everywhere! I really love the Jenner's sense of style and confidence; I'm always on Tumblr looking at similar outfits trying to make them my own. Shay Mitchell has such a positive attitude that motivates me so I love all of her social media pages. For inspiration in general, I find that hiking, boxing, or even just watching TV on the treadmill makes my day better instantly.

What is your current favorite song?
Drama - Roy Wood$ feat. Drake

Are you obsessed with any TV shows?
I watch A LOT of TV so the list is endless. My top picks are Scandal, anything Food Network, the Ellen Degeneres Show, the View, and Tyra Banks new talk show FabLife.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Target!!, and the men's sections for t-shirts

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is very uncomplicated. I love simple pieces but also turning them into something unique but still me. I've been loving pairing a nice outfit with casual shoes like a dress with trainers. I wear a lot of blacks, whites, and greys; I want to incorporate some more colors though!

What are your style tips?
I've learned from wardrobe stylists on shoots that you might think you can't "pull something off" but you really won't know unless you try. Also, if you like something, wear it. Don't mind those who disagree because they are not the ones wearing the clothes. If you walk out with confidence, you can't go wrong!

Who are your top 5 style inspirations?
Kendall Jenner, Lauren Elizabeth (Youtuber/Actress), my sister Kelly O'Kane, Ashley Benzo, and Behati Prinsloo Levine.

What can you never leave the house without?
My John Lennon inspired Ray Bans! They are lifesavers.

What is your favorite AGAIN piece?
The Isabel Lace Maxi Dress! It compliments the body so well. 


Music Monday

Hope you are staying cool in this LA heatwave!

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Patricia Manfield in the ASH


Italian goddess Patricia Manfield of The Atelier graced us with these beautiful photos in the camel ASH dress.  How incredible does she look?  We love the way she added the sneakers and bomber jacket for a laid back look.  We couldn't have done it better ourselves. 


AGAIN Beauty Favorites

Amber loves this French pharmacy makeup remover because it's super gentle and doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin like others.  Every French woman uses this product daily.  Professionals around the world love it and it doesn't break the bank either!

Eleanor's favorite.  It creates a very natural looking glow and evens out the skin tone without the cakey look.  It's always in her bag for touchups before we go out for lunch!

Kelly won't go to sleep without this on her lips.  It makes them so soft and you will never have chapped lips again, promise.  From dry skin to cuticles to bug bites to pimples, this fixes everything & is definitely a must have product.

Jane Is Girly in the GIMLET

Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes

We love Jane's approach to styling the camel GIMLET crop top.  Everything from color to texture is perfect.

See her full blog post here and get your GIMLET top here.
Now available in black as well!

Match Made In Heaven

After grabbing a bite at one of our favorite lunch spots Zinc, we decided Amber's effortless outfit deserved some special attention.  
Mental note--GIA + denim jacket + penny loafers = Match Made In Heaven!

Get your GIA dress here.

Music Monday

The end of summer is near.  Now let's pretend we are this sun-bathing babe and listen to some tunes.

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Bona Drag // AGAIN

AGAIN is now available on Bona Drag!  They have been one of our dream boutiques since the beginning of it all.  We are so excited this day has come!

Get your BIANCA wrap dress & WILLOW jumpsuit here.

NatalieOffDuty Loves the VANITY

Natalie Suarez of natalieoffduty.com & @natalieoffduty looking amazing in her red silk VANITY top.  We love how she styles it with two very different but classic bottoms--Levi's shorts and a black pencil skirt--yet manages to keep it super wearable & chic both ways.  The VANITY's asymmetrical draped back, spaghetti straps, and super soft silky texture make it a definite staple for every girl's wardrobe.

Get your VANITY top here


AGAIN at Oxygen Boutique

AGAIN's Fall '15 Collection is now available at Oxygen Boutique in London!

Shop the QUARTZ, CARTIER, ELAINE, & LEXINGTON now on their website and in stores.

Music Monday

We wish we were lounging in a fluffy orange jacket wearing a gold head piece right about now.

Lots of FYF feels and reminiscing this Monday.
Listen to the playlist here.

AGAIN Beauty Favorites

1-----> Hair Skin & Nails by Nature Made
Amber's nails and hair grow long and strong from these babies.  They're one-a-day and don't break the bank like some of the other options out there.

 Eleanor's routine is not complete without her eyelash curler.  "Shu Uemura's is the best.  If you read all the beauty blogs they'll tell you!"

Kelly's pick.  This is the best primer out there for oily skinned girls.  It really smooths your skin, hides your pores and keeps you matte for hours.

WeWoreWhat in AGAIN

We love the way Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat pairs our GIMLET crop top with fitted striped pants.  She looks tr├Ęs chic!

Get your GIMLET here.


Get to know our style a little better!  See how we personalize some of the pieces in the new Fall '15 Collection.

 Amber wears the GIMLET camel crop top paired with black trousers & penny loafers.  The feminine strapless top is a perfect counterpart to the masculine bottoms.

 Eleanor pairs the GRAHAM lace blouse with a simple black skirt and round Ray Bans for a modern school girl approach.

Kelly wears the ASH camel flare maxi dress.  In this August heat, simple isn't a bad way to go!

AGAIN in Mix Mag

Loving the hometown vibes in this Mix Mag editorial Sunset Blvd. 

Model is wearing the LOLA crop top, ALEJANDRO mini skirt, ZIGGY silk prowl shirt, & CHERRY silk crop top.

Click here to check out the whole feature and see all credits.