AGAIN Beauty Favorites

Here's to the first of many AGAIN Beauty Favorites! Here we will tell you about our most beloved products of the moment--whether it be a hair product, mascara, highlighter, moisturizer, serum, you name it. If a product works and we use it every single day, why not share it with all of you? These products are not fussy and make us feel pretty. 

This dry shampoo WORKS. It's perfect for blondes and brunettes because it doesn't leave a white mask.  It really volumizes and gives so much texture for thinner hair, too. We even love using it on clean hair for extra oomph. 

Easy to apply and impossible to mess up.  Look incredibly sexy in less than a minute--just smudge all over or along your lashline and BOOM you're out the door. *Bonus* stays all day long!

Not everything has to break the bank!  This $11 drugstore find will last at least a month and will be a life saver for your skin.  It is so lightweight yet moisturizing, perfect for our sunkissed, summer skin.