Dream Girl: Jamie Bochert

Ten reasons we are currently obsessing over the outrageously steep cheek-boned brunette model Jamie Bochert:

1. Jamie was born and bred in central New Jersey and currently resides in New York

2. Not only is Jamie striking on camera, but she also knows how to rock a stage playing both guitar and piano for band Frances Wolf. In fact, she considers music her passion and modeling her career.

3. Jamie writes songs and performs with significant other, actor Michael Pitt.

4. Last year, she played backup for heroine and lookalike Patti Smith.

5. In this environmentalists spare time she is busy gardening and cooking.

6. Her future aspirations consist of buying tons of cat food and being carelessly labeled as an “old cat lady.”

7. This foodie’s favorite time to chow down is breakfast.

8. Bochert is considered Marc Jacobs muse and has worked with Givenchy, Balenciaga, Chanel…and pretty much everyone else.

9. She has danced ballet ever since she could walk.

10. Jamie is 35 years young and making her debut strong than ever with her gaunt, romantic, mysterious demeanor and cutting-edge talents.