Girl Crush: Danielle Alcaraz

Danielle is wearing the VAIN suit, the RANSOM NOTE set, and the GEORGIA top with the RECLUSIVE pant

It isn't hard to see why we are crushing so hard on Danielle Alcaraz. The LA based model and all around cool girl has an individual look and killer style. The beauty is one of those special girls who knows everything before it is trendy. We got a chance to chat with Danielle about the #jazzage and her spirt animal:

What inspires you?
So many things music, art, food! But my parents and nature mostly!

What is your spirit animal?
A Bear! it represents: strength, confidence, leadership, and healing

Favorite restaurant?
OMG I love food so there are soooo many but "HOME" is amazing for breakfast and there’s a new location in silver lake. I also love the French restaurant in Los Feliz called Figaro! Great for happy hour too! If I want a quick bite I go to "Tender Greens" for a healthy meal.

What would be your perfect date night?
Lots of outdoor activities and live entertainment and of course great food. Dance recital, art exhibit, outdoor movie, and tourist locations are always beautiful with the best views ;)

What's your favorite thing on our website? 
Literally LOVE everything but the New BASS high waisted skirt is HOT! I'll always love the RANSOM NOTE top w/ pencil skirt and I could live in the ISOLATION stretch skinnies!

Favorite place to travel?

Favorite trend right now?
Sporty Chic and all white looks 

Least favorite trend right now?
Overly ripped jeans :|

If you could live in any era, which would it be?
The roaring twenties! #jazzage "The changing role of women" and "break of traditions" 

What is your dream job?
Art Curator or Restaurant/nightclub owner 

What was your first job?
I tattooed Jonny Knoxville in Middle School when my dad worked at Funny Farm Tattoo. I was paid $100 to do a small blue circle on his hand from The Germs band album cover.

What is your favorite word?
Amour <3

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Where is my big glass of water?

Top 5 fav movies?
I can't even choose the first ones that came to mind are Pulp Fiction, Selena, Beetle juice, Ameliè, and Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Who is your girl crush?​
Adriana Lima and Kate Moss