Girl Crush: Feral Creature

Eugenie is wearing the SEPTEMBER skirt available here, and the RAMONE crop available here

We had the major pleasure of having miss Eugenie Grey of Feral Creature in our studio the other day. This blogger babe may be a relatively new comer on the scene but she has made a major impact in such a short time. Her unique style and alien gorgeous looks caught our eye a while ago, and we haven't stopped obsessing since! There really is no one on the scene like her. She is the epitome of the AGAIN girl! We got the chance to chat with Eugenie about New York, red wine and Game of Thrones.

If you could live in any city where would you live? 
Either here in LA or in New York. My most recent trip to NY solidified my determination to eventually make the move!
What are you most inspired by? 
Photos. People. Feelings.
Favorite restaurant? 
Currently Ushiwakamaru in NY.
What would be your perfect date night? 
Salami, cheese, red wine, and Netflix with my boyfriend and dogs.
What's your favorite piece on our website? 
Either the BASS high waist pencil skirt or the GO WITH ME criss cross maxi...can't decide! I'm such a sucker for unique fabrics.
Current nail/toe color? 
Nails: deep plum; toes: red.
What is your favorite trend right now? 
Sliders (slippers). I normally wear heels around the clock so these feel heavenly. My current ones on rotation are my Birkenstocks and my Nike sliders.
What is your least favorite trend right now? 
Can't think of any--fashion is meant to be fun and experimental anyhow!
What is your favorite decade in fashion? 
I'm all about the present.
What song is currently stuck in your head? 
This is probably not what you were expecting, but the Game of Thrones theme song. Scout's honor.

What's your favorite word? 
Superfluous. It basically describes itself.

How would you describe your personal style? 
Adaptable, experimental, playful. I don't like to be bound to a single particular genre of fashion; it's too much fun to play dress up as a different person every day.

When did you start blogging? 
I started blogging in 2007, but I started fashion blogging on January 6, 2013.

What are your favorite style blogs to follow?, and, off the top of my head. I also think my friend has killer style; she doesn't blog as a profession, more as a hobby, but her fashion sense and quirky text blurbs make her blog such an enjoyable read.