AGAIN Hearts The Well

We are so excited to have our main babes Amber and Courtney featured on The Well's blog. Check out the rest of the interview here to find out a little more about our favorite gals. See an excerpt of the interview below:

Who/What influences your personal style?
Amber: Older ladies, they always push the limits while keeping it classy. I am also easily influenced by my surroundings and the activities at hand. Example: lunch in Venice on a Sunday screams long silk dress with oversized sweater… Hot day at work screams boyfriend shorts and a tank!
Courtney: So many different things, people, images, music, travel, and personal experiences influence my style. My personal style is always based on my mood and the overall feeling I get when wearing a particular outfit or piece. I have this hideously awesome crop fur jacket that I have held onto for years because of the feeling I get every time I wear it. It screams party, late nights and disco!  I’m also very adaptable to my surroundings, which always has somewhat of an influence on my outfit choice.

What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?
Amber: I’m a brunch hoe, if there’s a good brunch I’m there until the dinner menu comes out.
Courtney: I love everything about Sundays so I could literally be doing anything and I’m happy! I love to brunch (must be dog friendly), drink, lounge and catch the sunset.

If you could be anyone in a past life who would you be and why?
Amber: Madonna, I’m a great singer (In my car) and who doesn’t want to roll around on stage empowering women in an 80’s gown with a pointy bra?

Courtney: Jerry Hall because being married to a Rolling Stone in the 70’s had to be ridiculously fun and she’s a Texas girl! Or Grace Kelly because she was elegant, had the best diamonds and was married to Prince… Lavish lifestyle. Yes please!