The Look of Love: Eleanor

We can't stop with the love. AGAIN girlie Eleanor tells us about her first kiss and her plans for Valentine's Day...

What do you want for Valentines day?
I'm obsessed with the LITTLE EDIE, I am a sucker for lace and bell sleeves. 

What is your favorite classic movie?
"A Woman is a Woman", Anna Karina is my ultimate muse. She is the perfect French girl in that movie I could watch it over and over. 

What is your favorite candy?
I hate candy, but I love baked goods. I'm all about crostadas and cupcakes. 

What do you get your girlfriends for Valentines day?
Shots of tequila. And homemade cookies. 

Your Valentine's day: Date night with your man or night out with your girlfriends? 
Night out with my girlfriends! We may invite some cute boys along...

Who is your celebrity crush?
I've got a thing for Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

Tell us about your first kiss
I was in 6th grade. I made him be my boyfriend for a whole month before I kissed him. 

What is your favorite flower?
Sunflowers make me happy.