The Look of Love: Courtney

AGAIN girlie Courtney shares her secrets to an amazing Valentine's day and her secret celebrity crush...

What do you want for Valentines day? 
The neon pink MUFFIE dress is such a statement piece!

What is your favorite classic movie?
True Romance

What is your favorite candy?
Hi-Chews Strawberry flavor

What do you get your girlfriends for Valentines day?
Usually just a card, small bouquet of flowers and a cute lipstick or small perfume!

Your Valentines day: Date night with your man or night out with your girlfriends? What are you wearing?
Date night with my man! Depends on the occasion… I usually let him pick out my outfit that night or give some suggestions! We like to have fun with it!

Who is your celebrity crush?
James Dean was so dreamy.

Tell us about your first kiss
I'll never forget it! I was in 2nd grade and I kissed Thomas Reff in my moms kitchen. He came over to play and eat hotdogs with friends…it was love at first sight hahaha!

What is your favorite flower?
Peonies and white hydrangeas.