The Look of Love: Amber

We've all caught the love bug here at AGAIN HQ. AGAIN Designer Amber shared a few of her love secrets and what she really wants for Valentine's Day with us....

What do you want for Valentines day? 
The SPRINGSTIEN duh, that dress screams love.

What is your favorite classic movie? 
Anything For Salenas…..

What is your favorite candy? 
I love the $.50 cherry sours, the whole bag. 

What do you get your girlfriends for Valentines day?
A big box of laughs when they don't have dates duh. Haha I love a good cheesy Valentine. 

Your Valentines day: Date night with your man or night out with your girlfriends? What are you wearing? 
I have never had the luck of being in the same state as a boyfriend during Valentines day… In the clothing industry February is Fashion week, trade show season, so a lot of the fairytale is spent selling clothes. 

Who is your celebrity crush? 
I could say Ryan Gosling from Drive, but I won't. So I don't have one. 

Tell us about your first kiss. 
Brian Larson… Sixth grade. I had a lime green nike crew neck on and shell-toe Adidas. I was 5'8 and he was pushin' 5'3. We kissed, and I ran away. True romance. 

What is your favorite flower?
A tulip. They are the happiest flowers.