Girl Crush: Erin Dennison

Photo by: Heather Gildroy

Erin is wearing the BROADWAY dress, available here

When it comes to Erin, girl crush is an understatement. She makes us fall in love over and over with her classic beauty, killer job, eclectic style and intelligent wit. She is the Editor in Chief of LA Canvas and has been a huge supporter of AGAIN since the start. We are so excited to feature Erin. We got the chance to talk to her about Bukowski and her love of people watching.

If you could live in any city where would you live?
London. It’s so haunted.

 What would be your perfect date night?
Sushi, 2 overpriced cocktails each, people watching, 11p bedtime.

What is your favorite trend right now?
Unlikely Creative Director + Fashion House combos like Raf at Dior and Wang at Balenciaga. Also, the resurrection of print publications :)

What is your least favorite trend right now?
Baggy boyfriend jeans never did the 5’5” gals any favors, and a nude lip has never done the white girls any favors.

What is your favorite decade in fashion?
Right now. You can mix whatever you want and be like SO? Monday you can channel Diane Keaton; Tuesday a Korean school girl; Wednesday, Rufio; Thursday, Murphy Brown; and by Friday, you can go out looking like an Oliver Twist + Tim Burton love child.
 What song is currently stuck in your head?
Drunk in Love remix. Have you heard it? I wonder if Kim was upset about the lyrics? Probably not.

What is your dream job?
The one I’ve got J (EIC of LA CANVAS)

 What was your first job?
Training horses and then a waitress at Pizza Hut. Actually those were pretty sweet jobs too.

Do you like surprises?
Fuck no. But I do like options.

Where would we usually find you on a Saturday night?
Sushi, 2 overpriced cocktails with my boyfriend, people watching and bed by 11p.

What is your favorite word?
“Buckle” to say, “Google” to write, “Obviously”, “Fuck” or “lol” in a sentence. 

 Where’s your favorite place to vintage shop?
I don’t have the patience.

Have you always been a writer?
Nope, started off as a makeup artist. I’ve been writing for about 3 years now.

Who is your favorite author?
Bukowski, Bret Easton Ellis and Tim Blanks.

What is your favorite book?
It changes because I have a terrible memory. Right now, either Jitterbug Perfume or the Frost/Nixon interviews.

What do you see for the future of LA Canvas?
Hopefully we can convince our publishers to stop giving it away for free, and if they read this I will probably get in trouble but I really have always found that ridiculous.

When looking for LA Canvas features, what stands out and makes you excited?
All of the features feel so personal since we shoot and write or edit all of them. Yuna was particularly lovely though. She might actually be an angel.

What is your favorite piece on our website?
Hard to pick, but probably any of the suede pieces. Amber, you are a beast.