Act Like a Lady

Eleanor is wearing the LITTLE EDIE dress available here, and the VINYL dress available here
Shot by Isaac Zoller

When you are juggling a looming deadline at work and a debilitating juice cleanse, it becomes all too easy to throw on some combat boots and baggy jeans and head out the door. Lets be real, we all have those grungy days. Lately it feels like an epidemic. Lets break the habit! We think its time to bring the lady back to LA. The conventional meaning of a "lady" has evolved. We asked our Marketing Manager and office aficionado in all things girlie, Eleanor for her tips on how to act like a lady and think like a boss. 

  1. Always dress nicer than you think you should. You never know when a casual dinner can turn into a night of dancing, or a boring business meeting can be an opportunity to climb the ladder. 
  2. Find a signature sent. Mine is Chloe, available here
  3. Mind your manners. Handwritten thank you cards are a must. Personal stationary is always a nice touch. Get yours here
  4. Know how to make a good cocktail, one that people will remember you by. 
  5. Read a newspaper (or at least follow one on Twitter).
  6. Lipstick, Lipstick, Lipstick. My favorite here.
  7. Call your Grandma. Often.
  8. Never arrive at a party empty handed. My favorite hostess gifts are homemade chocolate chip cookies. Or if time is limited, a bottle of Hendricks is always appreciated. 
  9. Speak your mind. A real lady has strong opinions and isn't afraid to share them.
  10. Cherish your girlfriends. 
  11. Always kiss on the first date