Travel With AGAIN

 Lets Be honest gals, traveling while selling clothes is not all the glitz and glam that everyone thinks it is. Although these girls are in all the right places at all the right times they aren't walking around Paris fashion week in their 6" heels running from show to show. This traveling duo does it all and tells you the ins and outs of traveling with 2 personal bags, two trunks, and a giant metal logo twice a year to Vegas, New York, Paris & London.
What are your tips on packing?
Amber: The more I travel the less I have been packing. I used to be a "Just In case" person, well all that "just in case" doesnt carry itself or unpack itself when you get home, plus I never wear any of it. Bring two shoes, one boot, on heel. tons of basics, two pants and always a change of undies ;)
Courtney: I travel so much its second nature at this point.

Do you plan outfits?
Amber: Courtney always gets mad at me about this one because I am totally not a planner. I wait until the last minute. 
Courtney: Yes, I do layout outfits for any events, parties, or shows I know Ill be attending.

What are the best beauty products to travel with?
Amber: I always have a simple face wash usually from Fresh and this oil free moisturizer from Khiels along with the Black Tea Perfecting mask, because with all the travel we are still expected to be fresh faced and ready to sell. Last I always have a hand sanitizer this Lavender one is my fave.
Courtney: I always have the following things in arms distance: Yes to Cucumber facial towelettes, The lipslipp lip balm or FRESH sugar lip balm, always a toothbrush, eye drops, hairbrush, hand sanitizer & caudalie beauty elixir spray.

How to avoid Jet lag:
Amber: Rule #1 no wine. Have hard alcohol on the plane to help you sleep  and as soon as you land force yourself to stay awake to match the time schedule that you have landed in.
Courtney: Don't drink wine on the plane, pound water and enjoy a cat nap if you are tired.

Safety tips while traveling to a different country:
 Amber: Always know where you are going. Have all the directions and destinations on you.
Courtney: Make sure you have a bag that zips and isn't easy to access. Make copies of passport and travel documents to hide in the hotel room in case they get stolen.

What makes a good travel buddy?
Amber: Courtney and I have been traveling hand and hand for the past 3 years, I am not sure if I know anyone else I could have as a travel buddy. We have been on week two and at each others throats, walked into our 10x10 hotel room in Paris and stood at the end of our twin beds side by side, somehow we have to make it work. You have to be super respectful of someones space, wants and needs. Taking turns having the middle seat, waking up earlier to shower, and keeping that complaint to yourself are all must haves in a travel buddy.
Courtney: My kind of travel buddy is someone that enjoys a drink, have fun, and be spontaneous without being concerned with time.  It always helps when they aren't a complainer.