Girl Crush: Jen Humphrey

Jen is wearing the LITTLE EDIE dress, available here

We have been crushing on Jen for YEARS. This is no new thing. Her blog is an innovative mix of her passions: music and fashion. Not to mention her model gorgeous looks. We got the chance to chat with Jen about a few of her favorite things...

What makes you happy?
Music, it truly makes me happy. I think because it can trigger memories so easily. There are so many songs that I can listen to and automatically go to a happy place in my mind. Just the melody is enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I’m always fascinated with musicians and how they are able create, they can see someone or here something and before you know it there is a complete song. If you love music I recommend watching the Eagles documentary it shows how brilliant Glenn Frey and Don Henley were at song writing.
What inspired you to re-launch your blog?
The first version of my blog was a great starting point but I found myself limited with what I wanted to do. I have now built a platform that will let me expand in many different ways. In the near future I will be opening a store where users can shop my closet. I also have some very exciting collaborations that will be released here on the site and select retailers.
What’s your fav secret spot in LA?
There is a shoe guy inside the Farmers Market at The Grove. I can’t even tell you what the name of his shop is, haha I just stumbled upon him one day and since then have been talking all my precious heels and boots to him when they need a little love.
Where’s your favorite place to vintage shop?
Shareen’s downtown will always be the best… But prepared to be there all day. They do such an amazing job at curating the space by sectioning the clothing by era.
What’s your favorite piece on our website?
Oooh… this was so hard I had to pick two! The Albert romper, love how it drapes the body. 
What was your first job?
 I worked at a shoe store, haha go figure! All I really wanted was the discount. The first pair of shoes I bought was knee high Doc Martin boots that are still in my closet!
What is your dream job?
It’s funny since I was a child I always wanted to become an actress. Just recently I have teamed up with one of the best instructors in LA and am hoping to start a new chapter of my life with this path.
Favorite trend right now?
Oversized coats! Chanel, Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney all had drool worthy outerwear for Fall ’13.
Least favorite trend right now?
Wedged tennis shoes…
If you could live in any era, which would it be? 
The late 60’s early 70’s when music was everything. The Whiskey Agogo was the hangout where all the best musicians would be. I would of worn crazy printed shift dresses and knee high boots everyday! Last year I was lucky enough to be part of a pilot that took place in 68’. I played a go go dancer named Kiki, when it ended I was a bit sad because I truly felt in my element.
How would you describe your personal style?
Fashion is forever changing and so am I. I’m growing up, so my style is as well. For now I would say that I am a bit of minimalist, I never wear too much jewelry it’s usually one or the other. Otherwise I start to feel claustrophobic. I am more of a separates person because that’s where you get to mix it up a bit more and add your personal touch. Feeling comfortable is the most important and I like to look a bit unfinished with a touch of rock n roll!