Girl Crush: Olivia of Lust For Life

Olivia is wearing the LE FREAK dress, available here

We can't help but crush on little miss Olivia. Her style is so on point. We look to her style blog all the time for some serious inspiration. Not only is she super smart and sweet, she is a major babe! We got the chance to hang with Olivia at our trunk show in SF with Azalea last weekend. We caught up with her to chat about the 90's and her favorite places to vintage shop!

What are you most inspired by?

Design, in every aspect of life. 

If you could live in any city where would you live?


What’s your favorite thing on our website?

The Albert Romper-romper of my dreams! I wore it my first time visiting the Stahl House. 

What is your favorite trend right now?

90's minimalism a la Helmut Lang. 
What is your least favorite trend right now?

Ironic trends from the 90's, inflatable backpacks, butterfly clips, and neo-raver. 
What is your favorite decade in fashion?

I've always loved the late 60's and early 70's--there are certain places in LA I re-visit just to reminisce with those vibes. 
Where would we usually find you on a Saturday night?

On a rooftop overlooking somewhere in the city, or hailing a cab from the hotel lobby in a different city. 

Where’s your favorite place to vintage shop?

Fine Art of Design, Buttons and Bows, and Shareen's as they're all affordable and I never leave empty handed. 

Current nail/toe color?

Nude with heart tips. 
Check it out here
What song is currently stuck in your head?

10cc-I'm not in love.  

Be sure to check out Olivia's style blog here