Lysa Cooper Keeps It Real

We have to take some time out and get an amen for stylist Lysa Cooper. She recently had an interview with Vogue Italia and kept it so real. Her raw answers are ones to live by, be inspired by if you are trying to keep it 100 and different. In an industry that is so saturated and respect for good craftsmanship is minimal it is so refreshing to hear a veteran keeping it 100 and saying it how it is, sticking up for those who take pride and want to be timeless, for the small guys. Here's a few of our favorite Q&A's from her:

In what ways have you seen the industry change or evolve?I think we’re all in this weird moment right now and the World Wide Web, as I like to call it because I’m an old lady, has really fucked some shit up. It’s true that there are many pluses to everybody having access to information, but, what happens, when people have access to information, is that they think they are the authority of that information. Or quite frankly, that they made it up themselves. Or even better, that they know better than you do.  
So what you’re dealing with is a lot of marketing people, a lot of executives, a lot of people sitting in a room, wearing fucked up shoes, trying to tell me about fashion. And you don’t even know how to get down to the cobbler and fix your heel, and you’re going to tell me what I should be doing? And the fact that marketing is even involved in the hiring is, to me, insane. It’s almost backwards. Shouldn’t we make a beautiful product, and then decide how to sell it, rather than already know what you’re selling and then try to make the product match? It never works and that’s why music has sunk to the level that it has. And that’s why everybody looks like a hooker.
 A hooker? 
They’ve gone into that Coechella-esque white girl…I don’t really have money, but you know that these shoes cost a $1000 moment. That’s another thing that’s really bothering me. I like a floral print. I like a denim jacket. I like some dirty hair. Throw that all together, that’s not fashion. Everybody is so boring. I’m bored. 
Who is inspiring you right now?Homeless people and kids. They’re like the two groups that have flare and are daring. And I say that very sincerely. Especially in California…there’s a new trend in the homeless where you tie everything around your waist. It’s amazing. And how they’re all communicating it together, I don’t know. But they’re doing it. 
What would you like you to see happening fashion-wise?One of my strongest issues and points with the young women I’ve been working with, is to bring “pretty” back. And I literally mean, bring it back. Pretty means you wash your hair.  You smile, and you’re feminine. It doesn’t mean you have to be girly and frilly…just really bringing the beauty of the woman back.  
 Why are you so comfortable, being so non-conformist, in an industry that requires so much conformity, at least from the people behind the scenes?I think the very important thing that works to my advantage, and sometimes my disadvantage, is that I’m not out to make friends. I’ve got plenty of other friends. I like to keep it really professional. I don’t hang out. I don’t go to little dinners. I don’t “kiki.” None of that. And I think, for a lot of people, they want me to entourage it up for free. I’m not interested. Hence, it’s better to work with people you don’t really know. You don’t have to waste your time trying to be best friends. I don’t have enough time to be circle jerking all over the place. For what? They’re all going to fuck you over eventually. It’s true. Ask anybody who’s had a long-standing relationship. I mean, Tom Cruise is the only one who has been able to maintain the same glam squad. [Keeping] the same people around them. But most people, just want to be more fabulous. But the thing to remember is that, just like ex-boyfriends, they always come back. And when they do, you’re twice as expensive. That’s the God’s honest truth.
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