AGAIN Does the Flea Market

Eleanor is wearing the ENQUIRER bustier. Get yours here

We LOVE vintage clothes. There is nothing more inspiring than the perfect little vintage dress. One of our favorite places to shop for vintage is the Melrose Trading Post 
AGAIN girlie and vintage shopping pro Eleanor made her way over to Melrose last Sunday where she shot some photos and picked up some killer vintage treasures. Here are Eleanor's tips and tricks for navigating a flea market:

1. Wear comfy shoes!
2. If you see more than one item you like in a stall, buy it. Chances are you will get a discount for more than one item!
3. In the summer, go early. The heat is much more manageable.  
4. Wear something tight that you can try on clothes over. A changing room is never a guarantee. 
5. I always bring a friend. Sometimes I get a little carried away and end up buying something a just a bit too outrageous!
6. Go early for good stuff, go late for good bargains!
7. Don't take the word flea literally, make sure the item is not too dirty.
8. Always know what you are looking for. Good patterns and prints are always a must.
8. Always negotiate!

Happy Vintage Shopping!